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JimSalmon.com offers an opportunity to put your name in front of thousands of new visitors every month. Since January 1, 2007 we have had over 29,000,000 visitors to JimSalmon.com. Not only does advertising with Jim Salmon place an ad in front of a radio listener, but Jim also uses your products and/or services and places a personal testimonial on his website about his experience.

If you choose to advertise with Jim Salmon, there are several ways that this will benefit you.
* A banner ad with your logo or message that, when clicked on will send a user to your webpage.
* If you do not have a website, a page can be created for you with all your vital information including name, telephone number, address, product lines, product description, etc..
* You are allowed to periodically write a message that will be placed on the main page of JimSalmon.com.
* We write an article about your business on average once a month that is posted on JimSalmon.com as well as facebook and twitter.
* We also include an article about your business in the monthly WHAM Home Repair Newsletter, minimumly quarterly.

Advertising with JimSalmon.com can be very effective, and creates a win-win situation. For more information on advertising, and our rates, please call 585-589-5650. (Business hours are weekdays from 9-5, but you may leave a message and your call will be returned). Alternatively, you are more than welcome to e-mail us.

Advertisers do not have to be in the upstate New York area. JimSalmon.com receives visitors from around the world.

,,,,,,,,Please Sign Up Today And Establish A Relationship With One Of The Best Home Repair Libraries and Referral Sites On The Web.

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