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CrossField Heating

Griffith Energy
Phone: 1-877-927-6488
Address: 3819 Oak Orchard Road
Albion, NY 14411
Griffith Energy employs 580 people at 22 office locations, providing energy products, customer service, and heating equipment sales and service. Home, farm and small business fuel delivery is supported via a network of bulk storage plants and a delivery fleet of modern tankwagons and bobtail trucks. The company handles all purchasing of refined petroleum products and manages delivery to both Griffith owned terminals (very large petroleum storage facilities) and those operated by others. The company also provides its own facilities design, environmental engineering and monitoring, and fleet and facilities maintenance. In addition, Griffith operates its own management information and accounting services. By controlling all these functions Griffith Energy is a leader in being able to respond to customer needs.

Griffith Energy

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