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National Fire Adjustment Co. Inc.
Phone: 585-272-8220 or 1-800-570-8220
Address: 371 White Spruce Blvd.
Rochester, N.Y. 14623-1063

We had a representative from NFA on the WHAM Real Estate Program, Eric Stoerger. Eric has been with NFA since 1978. He has extensive knowledge in commercial and manufacturing business income claims.

NFA is not an insurance company,,they are an adjuster and work with you in dealing with your insurance company claims. If you have a major fire, water, wind, etc. damage to your house or commercial building, they are there for YOU!

When tragically something major damages your property, obviously, you are very upset. What to do? Who to call? How do I get my claim settled? and quickly? Am I going to get enough money back to start over?
That's exactly why you need to call NFA. They will come over access the damage and work with you and your insurance company. You can breathe easier knowing they are handling your claim for you.

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