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Griffith Energy - A Full Service Heating Company
A Superior Plus Company

Join the growing family of homeowners, farmers and businesses who rely on Griffith Energy to provide the energy you need.

Since 1922, their energy business has grown steadily serving customers through 22 offices located across upstate New York. They offer worry-free service and budget payment plans, technical support, and friendly customer service.

As always, they're still a company you can count on to be here in your hometown, your community, and your neighborhood - whenever you need them - because at Griffith Energy, the hometown spirit shows.

Their Mission:
As a company, Griffith Energy strives to meet the challenges of our industry and positively affect its direction. We thrive on competition and recognize that competition makes us better. We value our customers. As a business we cannot exist without our customers. Our customers have many choices in this industry. We continually strive toward excellence, so that we are on top of each customer list. We honor and respect the law and comply with its mandates. We respect and protect the environment. Our energy products are essential to the way we live. At the same time, we recognize that we must store and deliver these products in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

When it comes to fuel for your home Griffith Energy has you covered. They convenient payment plans and billing methods so you can take the stress out of keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Propane is a highly versatile fuel used in millions of homes across the U.S. to power furnaces, space and water heaters, generators, stoves and outdoor grills, clothes dryers, refrigerators and fireplace logs.

Safe, clean burning and economical, propane is the favorite alternative fuel to natural gas — for wherever natural gas lines won't go, propane does, either in portable or above- and below-ground tanks.

Upstate New York home owners can count on Griffith Energy for:

* Propane tank installation and service
* Automatic propane delivery options
* Customer service access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — 1-877-927-6488
* Budget Billing options

Griffith Energy has been delivering to homeowners across upstate New York for more than 85 years. Your family, too, can depend on them to keep your home warm and safe.

Visit their website - Griffith Energy
or call 1-877-927-6488

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