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John has his Dixie Chopper from Empire Tractor!

Yup! That's what we said! John has his Dixie Chopper from Empire Tractor!

Now John has a yard with numerous areas that require a tight turn, in comes the Dixie Chopper! It turns on a dime! and it moves right along so you can be done mowing in no time at all! Don't get me wrong, John loves his Dixie Chopper but he also loves to do other things! So he wants a mower that can do the job quickly and professionally, and he has it in the Dixie Chopper!

You can do the same by visiting any Empire Tractor location (see below) and tell them you want what John &/or Jim has!

See how happy he is in these pictures!
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Jim & John on Empire Tractor's New Holland t5000

Batavia 585-343-1822
Waterloo 315-539-7000
Cortland 607-753-9656
Atlanta (N.Y.) 585-534-5935
Cazenovia 315-655-8146

Or visit their website
Empire Tractor

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