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Welcome Home for Life Renovations, LLC

JimSalmon.com would like to offer a warm welcome to Home for Life Renovations, LLC. We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce Home for Life Renovations to those of you who are not familiar with their incredible ability to renovate any aspect of a home in order to make it as comfortable and safe as possible for those with special needs. For those who are already familiar with Home for Life Renovations we hope you will enjoy the articles and information as we stay up to date with what Home for Life Renovations is and what they can do for you or a loved one.

The greatest gift we can get, or give, is to allow a person the ability to stay in their own home, comfortably and safely, for as long as possible. HOME FOR LIFE RENOVATIONS will work with you to evaluate your needs and create a custom design that is individually planned to assist your specific needs. If you or someone in your life is at or nearing a point where it is becoming too difficult to remain in the home as it is HOME FOR LIFE RENOVATIONS just might be the answer you've been searching for.

Contacting Home for Life Renovations might be one of the most important decisions you've ever made.

Home for Life Renovations, will provide the following advantages:

A free no obligation in-home consultation. A comprehensive plan tailored to your individual needs. A specialized team of professionals including physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified aging-in-place specialists, experienced professional architects, professional interior designers and licensed contractors.

Call 585-444-0300 for a FREE in-home consultation!

You or your loved one deserves every opportunity available. Home for Life Renovations thinks so too. Together you can create a home environment that supports comfort and mobility while keeping dignity and independence.

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Home for Life Renovations is located at 3399 Winton Road South, Rochester, NY 14623.

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