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Hardwood Floor Project

We have lived in our home for 25 years now. In that twenty five years we have experienced three separate, “whole house” carpet installations. My wife Diane always wanted a really nice hardwood floor, especially in the living room.

There are many different ways to select a contractor. One of the best and most reliable is through word of mouth, from someone who has actually used a particular tradesman. 
We picked out this absolutely gorgeous Pioneer Plank Hickory at Harman Hardwood Floors. It’s rustic, with lots of knots and natural checking. We love it! 
You need an installer who will treat your home with the care they would use in their own home. For instance, hanging plastic on the doorways and possibly even being worried about whether a cat would get out! 
The bottom line on this is of course, the floor looks incredible, we are stunned by how much of a difference this will make in our home!

Installation below!
Click thumbnails to view close-up images They're heerrre. . .

Acclimating. . .

It begins . .

Ginger had to peek. . .she approves!

Amazing, beautiful job!