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John's floor from Harman Hardwood Flooring!


John had a project that was to be a simple quick one...Hahaha,,if you know John that never happens! 

To make a short story out of a really long one,,he needed to replace his flooring. Now, nothing short of beautiful will do so he and his wife headed to Harman Hardwood Flooring. They picked out the perfect one! Hallmark Heirloom Walnut!

Harman Hardwood has an amazing selection of all kinds of wood, light or dark whatever suits your taste they have it. Here is just a sample list of what they have available.

Let's see what they have in;


American Cherry

Chateau Cherry

Cherry Columbus

Cherry Savannah

Linnea Cherry Mocha

Northern Cherry Natural

Spring Water Cherry

Wow, ok, what about:


  • Engenius Yellow Birch Natural
  • Engenius Yellow Birch Sierra
  • Northern Yellow Birch Carob
  • Northern Yellow Birch Natural
  • Original Birch
  • Yellow Birch Golden West
  • Yellow Birch Santa Fe
  • Yellow Birch Select & Better

And how about Cypress, Beeches,,and let's not leave out;


American Walnut

Classice Walnut

Engenius Walnut

Garden Walnut

Original Walnut

Walnut Montreal

Walnut Palazzo Noce

But still there are so many more! Click here and check them out on Harman Hardwood's website to see the rest!
Or give them a call at 585-546-1221
Head over to their showroom and see their wide selection!
29 Hebard Street
Rochester, N.Y. 14605