If ever you need a reliable heating company now is the time. With this bitter cold weather you certainly don't want a problem with your furnace. So, if you were pro-active and had your furnace serviced, you should be in good shape. 
However, if you procrastinated and didn't get that yearly maintenance done, well, you could be experiencing some problems with your furnace. When problems do happen, and they will, you would want a heating company that you have an established relationship with so a single call will result in a prompt service appointment.  Crossfield Heating & Air Conditioning is that company! Jim and John have been associated with Crossfield for about 20 years, that says a lot. They both feel completely confident in Crossfield's expertise. John has a boiler that Crossfield has kept going for years! Sure he could open up his piggy bank and buy a new one and he will someday, but as long as Crossfield can keep it working, he will keep stock-piling his money! 
Jim has a new high efficiency propane furnace to warm his 1800's farm house, economically! He has Crossfield maintain it regularly. 
Whether you have an old furnace or boiler or a newer model, call Crossfield Heating & Air Conditioning and develop a relationship with a great company!

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44 Donovan Street
Webster, New York, 14580