You could go to the big box store and purchase some electronic equipment to bring home to make the long winter more enjoyable.  But when you get back home you have to figure out how to set it all up.  What connects to what?  Where do you put the wires so they are safe and unseen?  You're surrounded by open boxes and already regretting the purchases.  Sound familiar?  It's probably happened to all of us at one time or another.

There is an easier way.  

Digital Home Creations is a creative and professional business based out of Rochester, NY and owned by Ryan Hills. For the past 11 years Ryan has been WNY’s premiere on-site installer for high quality home theater and home automation systems.

You won't get the quality product or the professional expertise at the big box stores.

Visit Digital Home Creations or give Ryan a call at 585-576-7070.

Every house needs a screen this big!!