Doug has finally come into this century! He's decided as he's getting along in years that he likes his comfort and-especially- doesn't want his wife on his case!

So, he called 585-421-0203 and spoke with Jim Swetman at Home Power Systems and 'suggested' that they install a generator at his house!

Now,, Doug is a great guy; hard-working, successful plumber. It was time for him to enjoy having heat & lights when the power went out! (For him and his dog, oh and his wife, of course!)

We all know what an inconvenience it is to not have electric, heat, or lose food in your freezer! Or have you been using those generators that you have to pull start or run cords to neighbors? 

Don't you think it's time for you to call Home Power Systems and get yourself a whole house permanent generator?

It seems like the power goes out a lot more often than it used to and we rely on electric for so many things that we don't give it a thought,,,until we don't have it!

Check out Doug's New 17 KW GENERAC® GUARDIAN SERIES Generator Installed by Home Power Systems and joined by Griffith Energy!

Take note of the cart that Home Power Systems invented to move the generator around the yard without digging up the lawn. And it easily places it right where it needs to go, eliminating any damage to your garden! Home Power Systems take care in all the steps involved while installing your new generator! 




You can get a generator to handle all the electricity you use in your home. Or one just to run the refrigerator, furnace, and lights. Call Home Power Systems today @ 1-585-421-0203 and talk to them about what would work best for your situation!


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