2016. Yes, it's 2016! It's time for change. Change for the better. Change for your property. Change for your property? Yes, change! 2016 is the year for change. It's time for you to clear out your woods. Keep your forest healthy and keep your terrain unscathed. Perhaps it's not your home's woods; maybe it is your hunting land. No matter where your property is located, Dugan Creek Lumber is ready to help! 
Located in Caledonia, Dugan Creek Lumber has the experience you're looking for when it comes to harvesting your land. They take great pride in protecting the environment. They have 3 generations of experience and are very reasonably priced. 

If you have a heavy duty job, such as building a secluded home, contact Dugan Creek Lumber for crane mats! They can provide durable mats specific for your job. Not only do they supply mats, they can also repair them! 

Consider calling Dugan Creek Lumber for your harvesting needs. You can also contact them for log load deliveries! Dugan Creek Lumber - family owned lumber business.

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