It can happen at any home, old or new.  Drafts.  You walk by a window and feel the hot air in summer or the cold air in winter...or the drafty breeze that shouldn't be there.  Your first instinct may be that you need to replace your windows, your second instinct is most likely to walk away and pretend you didn't feel it!  Don't do either.

Call G&G Window Repair.  G&G Window Repair will add weather stripping to your windows which can work wonders when it comes to the energy efficiency of your home!

The colder weather is coming so don't wait too long.  Get your windows repaired now and restore the energy efficiency of your home.

G&G Window Repair is also equipped with the skills and tools to accentuate your home according to your unique tastes and lifestyles with custom rails and exterior trim and glass work.