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Are you tired of the insects finding their way in because of holes in the screens?  It's time to contact G & G Window Repair and talk to them about their Comprehensive Screen Replacement and Repairs skills!  Whether you only need one of your screens replaced or repaired or you’re ready to upgrade every window’s screens, G & G Window Repair will have it done so quickly you will soon be enjoying that nice fresh air without the insects!

With G&G Window Repair you get exactly what you need with services like:
• Restoring All Types of Windows
• All Kinds of Glass Replacement
• Custom Rail Rebuilding for Wooden Windows and Doors
• Interior and Exterior Storms
• Weather-Stripping for Doors and Windows
• Clad Wood Exterior and Interior Replacements
• Restore Rotted Wood Windows, Sills, Doors, and Trim
• Replace Wood Storm Doors
• Retro-Fit Spring-Loaded Balances of Most Styles
• Custom Wood Storm Windows and Screens
• Custom Wood Window Replacements with Single- or Double-Pane Glass
• Jamb Replacement of Vinyl, Metal Tilt, or Non-Tilt
• Making Non-Tilt Windows Tilt-In
• Tilt Pac Systems, Any Style • Rope, Chain, and Cable Systems
• Pet-Resistant Screens
• Solar Screens
• Replace Crank Operators
• Customized Wood Sashes and Window Rebuilds
• Custom Window Hardware
• Window & Screen Depot Services
• Invisible Balance for Single Pane Wood Windows
• Sash Support Systems
• Retro-Fit Windows with Our New Lite & Heavy Lift Balances
• Supply & Install Various Types of Window Hardware
• Rope, Chain, & Cable Systems
• Re-Glazing Wood & Steel Windows
• Crank Operators
• Jamb Liners for Wood Windows
6710 W Henrietta Road
Industry, N.Y.  14543