Normal windows do not have the ability to control the heat transfer from the outside to the inside. Ray Sands Glass has the solution.

They have been proudly serving the area since 1946. They have a full line of Panorama Window Film products that will take these worries away. This product will maintain ambient light so you can still enjoy the view, keep you cool and comfortable. 
Most importantly, it will remove any glare that makes it hard to watch TV or work on your computer. While you enjoy the view on the inside, Panorama film is deflecting up to 80% of the solar energy through your windows. Tinting options are available for automobiles, residential and commercial customers.

Visit Ray Sands Glass today for a variety of services. They are the top commercial glass company in the Rochester area and offer residents a variety of services for windows and doors. All their technicians are trained, certified and professional so you know you have the pros on hand.

Don't delay, call Ray Sands Glass today. They are here for any type of glass or window repair or replacement. With experience in auto, residential and commercial products, they are your "all in one" glass company. Go online today to see the variety of services they offer and get your free quote today!


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