John had Home Power Systems install a new, even bigger, 20 kW powered generator! You know men, have to get bigger and better power - no matter what it is! 

John's new generator will power the entire street! Well, ok, maybe not all but he won't have to worry about a thing when the power goes out. He will be able to run every thing in his house, including his hot tub! 

These pictures show the inside of the generator, pretty complex, and to think it works on its' own and 'tests' itself weekly. When Home Power Systems comes for the yearly maintenance check up they can look at all the tests and see how it's been functioning. Even if it had to go on for a power outage. 
So check out these pictures from John's newest installation, you can click on any picture to enlarge and get a better look!

The first one is the old one. 
Out with the old and in with the new.

Click on any image to enlarge.






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