John is so excited! His Home Power Systems 20 kW Generac Guardian Generator is being installed! 

He has wanted one for so long and finally decided now is the time! So many factors come into wanting a generator. It used to be for in the winter but we rely on power so much now that any time of the year is important to have it.

We all have refrigerators and most likely an extra freezer with food that we don't want to go bad, it happens so quickly when we lose power.

Doesn't it seem as though the power goes out a lot more now? During this pandemic when everyone is home what a nightmare to lose power, the kids are restless enough, let's not have them not have their electronics! We need our sanity!

Many thanks to installer Kyle & Jim Swetman!

Enjoy these pictures from the install;

John's new love!

Thank you 

Home Power Systems!