Home Power Systems have installed a new generator at Jim's rental house. It is so nice to have that peace of mind not having to worry about tenants calling for no heat or electric! That is such an inconvenience to everyone. The power seems to go out a lot more now, or we just rely on it so much more. We have so many things powered by electric and when it isn't working your life seems to shut down. 

This house is old and has a nasty dirt basement with many challenges. There's a very low access crawlspace so that couldn't be an option to run the lines. The installers had to get creative on placement and accessibility. A new gas meter had to be installed as well as having to move the electrical panel. But, they did it successfully! Home Power Systems is the leader in properly installing generators.


*** You may have one installed by another company, if I were you, I'd have Home Power Systems take a look at it just to make sure it's installed correctly and running properly.
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Home Power Systems
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