We received these winter weather tips from Home Power Systems and thought they were so important that we would pass them along.  Home Power Systems has a lot of great information on their website as well, be sure to visit their website!

1. Keep warm!
If you don’t have one already, a Cold Weather Kit adds security that your generator will start easily and operate efficiently when it’s below freezing outside – extreme cold could lead to a failure to start.

2. Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!
We perform annual maintenance all year round; don’t let inclement weather hold you back from keeping up on your generator’s yearly maintenance. 

3. Propane Planning
If your generator runs on propane, don’t forget to check your fuel level! During extended outages, call your propane supplier to refill the tank at half empty.

4. Snow Buildup
Extreme snowfall can inhibit a generator from functioning properly. Keeping your generator clear of snow and ice buildup helps ensure your generator is there for you when you need it.

We love Home Power Systems!  Stop by their store at 1127 Corporate Drive East in Farmington NY!  Or give them a call at 585-421-0203.