Winter has arrived, and so have the icicles. Sure, they look very pretty shimmering in the sunshine (if you're lucky enough to not be in a snow squall). The concern? Icicles are telling you that there's a larger issue inside your home. 

If your attic or crawl space doesn't have sufficient insulation, heat is escaping your home! The professional and courteous experts at 
JAG Construction are the people to call now, before it's too late! 

Now that your roof has snow, there is a potential for ice damming. Heat escaping your home heats up the base of the snow on your roof. That begins to start water flowing down the roof. Water then refreezes and ice damming begins. The ice damming prevents water from flowing off your roof; in turn, it redirects water up and under your shingles and back inside your home. 

JAG Construction can prevent ice damming! How, you ask? With High Density Spray Foam insulation. By having JAG Construction install high density spray foam insulation, you are preventing the moisture drive. This process controls the temperature and humidity of your home, and not just in winter! 

You owe it to your home, and to your wallet, to give JAG a call and schedule a free estimate! 

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