Invisible Fence Brand of Upstate NY is awesome!

Jim has 4 dogs, you wouldn't know it because he talks about only Wishbone, but all of them are on Invisible Fence and have total freedom of the entire yard. They can be let outside day or night with no worries of them getting into the road or leaving the property. 

In the country there are gigantic tractors and farm equipment going by a lot, again no worries. People running, walking or bike riding attracts the dogs attention because they're defending their territory. The dogs run like heck toward these poor people, barking their heads off but the dogs never cross the Invisible Fence line! That would be the opportunity to do so but with the training received originally from Invisible Fence the dogs know where the line is and don't even go near it!

Deer out back are another big attraction that the dogs feel they need to charge to, however, their big show only lasts until they get to the line. The deer just look and laugh.

You should have a conversation with the great people at Invisible Fence. First, they love animals. Second, they love to help animal owners. Third, they have tons of options to keep your pets safe!


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