In Jim's line of work he gets a lot of negativity towards him because he reports on problems with a house. It's not like HE put the problem there, but he reports it-that's his job, that's why people hire him afterall.

Anyway, it's nice to get positive feedback from time to time!

Jim received a nice thank you card, without disclosing the sender's information, here's a portion of their comments;


"I'm sitting here eating breakfast and listening to your show this morning, enjoying hearing more about your barn, cooking for parties, etc.. I LOVE YOUR SHOW!"   

"We really enjoyed your visit yesterday and appreciate your help in trying to decide what to do with our home. We appreciate your skill, expertise and vast knowledge of contractors, companies and building techniques and codes.

I am grateful that you are a valuable source for our community. You are a very kind person that actually listened to all of our concerns and questions. We will continue to explore our options and start getting estimates. We didn't want to do any of that until we talked to you." end quote

Thank YOU for such kind words!