If you are building a new home or upgrading an existing and you can't decide if you want to invest in spray foam insulation you need to read on.

Benefits of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation:

Most thermal efficient product on the market
Enhances home comfort by allowing you more control over temperature and humidity levels
Highest R-value: R7/inch
Reduces levels of airborne pollutants entering the home
Will not shrink
Will not settle
SPF is odorless
It does not attract rodents and insects because it has no nutritional value
Reduces your home heating and cooling energy consumption by 25% to 50%
Increases the market value of your home because of the low operational cost by comparison
Increases your mortgage qualification and buying power due to reduced maintenance costs
Allows you to downsize your heating and cooling system, saving you even more money
Energy Star product endorsed and certified by the NYSERDA
Recoup your investment within 5 to 7 years through less energy consumption

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