One thing we know for sure when it comes to spray foam insulation is that the folks at Jag Construction are the experts in the field.  So, who to contact about spray foam insulation is an easy question...Jag Construction.

There are other questions that may come to mind when considering spray foam insulation and for that we've turned to the experts...Jag Construction...and have some of the more frequently asked questions...and answers.

How does spray foam work?

Spray foam is a two-part mixture of liquid components that expand rapidly on contact forming solid foam that completely fills all cracks and spaces leaving an airtight seal.

How long does spray foam last?

Spray foam should remain functioning properly for the duration of the structures’ existence.

What effect does the foam have on sound travel?

Open cell foam can be used as a considerable soundproofing material. Closed cell on the other hand does not perform well as a soundproofing agent.

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