Jag Construction has been serving the Greater Rochester Area for over thirty years. They know a thing or two about insulation and ice damming! Ice damming is something we see quite often in our area.

Jag explains ice damming: Ice damming is typically an insulation issue. Snow has an R-value of 1 per inch, this insulates the attic from the outdoors. Deep snow on the roof will hold in the heat loss in the attic and will begin to melt the bottom of the snow pile just above the shingles. When the water (melting snow) runs down the shingles and reaches a cold overhang it will begin to refreeze creating the "ice dam". The water table will increase as more snow melts and builds up behind the dam. Icicles form as water cascades over the dam increasing in height and length.

For more information click here. Jag Construction has the ability to completely prevent ice damming! If you have this problem at your home contact Jag Construction at 585-621-7040.