How many vehicles do you have? No matter what, doesn't it seem like something needs to be fixed on them? When you have your vehicle, maybe your wife and kids have cars/trucks, and one or the other has something to be done, whether it's tires, oil changes, inspections, or some sort of maintenance. Where to take it? 

What if you're looking to buy a new vehicle instead of putting money for repairs into the one you currently own? Where to go?

Well, well, well, do WE have the answer!

Genesee Valley Motors! Of Course!

They have a policy; NO hype, NO pressure, NO gimmicks, none of that "in your face" stuff! How refreshing! AtGenesee Valley Motors you can actually ENJOY your buying experience!

Just stop by, easy drive on 390, exit 10 and it's right there! 

Look around, ask questions, someone will be happy to answer them, remember, no pressure. Just because you talk to a saleman doesn't mean they're glued to you. They'll help you! Not harrass you!

They have a large selection of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & Fords. The best vehicles you can get! Take your time, and take your pick!

And remember about your vehicle that needs repair, or tires or inspection? Well, guess what? Their Service Department is open till 8:00 PM Even on SATURDAYS!! That's right! After work you can swing by and they'll take care of you!


Jim Salmon has had a few vehicles there for repair and they've been timely and reasonable,,and done right! Terrific Service! 

AND when you cash out, the service person who worked on your car is there! So if you have any questions, they're the person to talk to, standing right in front of you!!!! 

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Contact Genesee Valley Motors

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep 585-226-6000 
Genesee Ford 585-226-2600