Nichols Electric is back with plumbing services added! Seems everyone is asking for those two referrals daily! With so many relying on computers and working from home now electric (and plumbing) are even more important! 

Nichols Electric installs security systems & surveillance cameras, too!  You need to feel safe in your home, they can make it happen! So much new technology, make it easy on yourself, let Nichols install and you choose the monitoring that works best for you! 

If it seems as though you have more cords plugged into your outlets then ever before you may need to get an electrical service upgrade! Your current system may not be designed for everything pulling electricity, and you certainly don't want a burn out that'll destroy your phone and computer! Let's get real - the really important items! 

Call Nichols Electric just to have a look and get a quote.   585-299-3109

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