If you were to find yourself in need of an electrician how would you find one that you can trust? Get a piece of paper and a pen and write this down.
Isn't it just easier to be prepared ahead of time? This way you won't make yourself crazy trying to remember where it was you heard of a recommendation for an electrician. Leave that kind of memory test for where you put your keys!

When you call Nichols Electrical you can be sure you will get the best service in the area. When you need an electrician that is what you want right? The best? You will get it with Nichols AND you can be sure you will not only receive the best service but courteous and respectful service as well.  You will have the opportunity to approve the cost before they start the work, you will be charged by the job not by the hour, and when the job is completed you will feel safe and confident as Nichols uses only the best, top of the line products to assure you long service life and safety.

The following is a statement from Steve Nichols from his website at nicholselectrical.com:
My name is Steve Nichols and we have been in business serving the Rochester area since 1984. I take pride in making my word stand for something. We will return phone calls and show up on time for the scheduled appointment. We put the word "commitment" back in the construction industry. Please give us a call so we can prove to you that you will have an electrician for life.

Whether you find yourself in need of full installation services or upgrades and repairs, Nichols Electrical is the place to call.  Click the banner below to visit their website!