You've heard of power surges, you've most likely experienced them in your own home, but do you know what causes them? The first answer that comes to mind is lightening strikes and that's true, lightening strikes up to a mile away can affect your home. There are other causes as well, appliances and motors in your home turning on and off can cause a power surge. Commercial and industrial properties upstream from your electrical source can affect your home. Even unclean power and the deteriorating power grid can cause power surges and affect your home. There's no doubt that power surges do occur but are they a problem? 

They can be. Electronics in your home cannot adapt to higher voltages and so power surges can shorten (and even end) the life of your electronics. Your home is filled with electronics, not just televisions, computers, dvd players and all the things we automatically associate with the term electronics, power surges can affect your refridgerator, your oven, your microwave, your cell phone, your coffee pot, your...the list goes on and on. So what can you do? 

You can install a whole house surge protector. A whole house surge protector allows electrical current to flow all the time. When excessive voltage passes through it instantly diverts the surge of electricity to a ground wire. Problem solved. Electronics saved. 

Nichols Electrical can install a whole house surge protector in your home. Don't wait until you wish you'd had one. Call Nichols Electrical and rest assured that you've protected your electronics from power surges.