Let's not procrastinate.
How often did the power go out last year?
Was it during the winter, too? Do you remember how cold and uncomfortable it was?
Maybe the first hour was fun, but then it started to get colder and no hot water for a shower. Couldn't keep warm even with layers on and blankets piled high.
Not to mention loss of food in the refrigerator and freezer. And all the other inconveniences.

So what does this mean? Time to get a standby generator fromHome Power Systems!

Home Power Systems are the experts on standby generators, give them a call to have them come to your house, check it out and determine with you what you want to power up during an outage.

(Just a side note; initially you may only think, 'oh the frig, lights, furnace'. But really think it out and plan on getting a generator that can handle more. Power may be out for a week, will it be sufficient to get by on only those things? No, not at all. Go for a large enough generator to power up the washer and dryer, water heater, even the dishwasher, for that matter, your entire house!)

It's worth checking out their new facility and seeing first hand how the generators work and sound!  Visit Home Power Systems at:
1127 Corporate Drive East, Farmington, NY 14425 

Call now so you'll be all set for the coming winter weather, and remember, that's not the only time of the year the power goes out! 
All year long it happens!
Gosh, imagine what it would be not to have your computer or to charge your phone!
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