We all like to be indoors when the cold weather hits Western New York. That even means the furry, not so welcome, pests from the outdoors. Their favorite place to hide is in your attic. If you have been hearing noises, scratching sounds in your walls or up in the ceiling, you may have a problem.

If that's the case, check out RCD Exterminating, Inc. They have the experience and knowledge needed to take care of these unwelcome critters. These professionals will see the job is done right and take measures to resolve the problem and make sure they do not come back. But don't delay, April and May are the prime times for them to reproduce, creating an even bigger infestation for you. 

RCD Exterminating, Inc, also specializes in commercial property too. Call today for a free no obligation consultation or visit them online. You can fill out a form and have a specialist call you back. They are here to protect every inch of your workspace and home!

RCD Exterminating: Phone (585) 453-9748  175 St. Johns Drive   Rochester, NY 14626

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