Rochester Bath and Kitchen Remodeling is a company that you can trust to do what they say they will. They are family run and the owners are onsite. You can walk into their showroom and they will be there! This is the company you want to remodel your bathroom or kitchen.

Rochester Bath and Kitchen Remodeling wants you to be excited about your new bathroom! You can do just a shower unit or a complete down to the studs, like Jim had done. They have a beautiful, ever-changing showroom that has the latest products on the market! You certainly will be surprised and pleased with all the designs that you can choose. 

It's so worth going to the showroom to pick out exactly what you want. Did you know that bathtubs have various heights? You can get a shallow tub or a deep one to soak in. And what about the options for showers! You just won't believe all there is! Don't have a lot of space for a shower door to swing into the room? That's ok, there's showers with doors that don't take up any space! You'll love the experience working with Rochester Bath Remodeling as much as you'll absolutely love your new bathroom!

There will come a day when you finally tell yourself, 'I'm sick of this old bathroom! TIME FOR A CHANGE'


So head right on over to 
Rochester Bath and Kitchen Remodeling
350 West Commercial Street
East Rochester, NY 14445 

or call them first at;