On many occasions we've shared information with you about ReHouse Architectural Salvage; their incredible inventory of reclaimed building supplies and household goods, their sales and specials, their events. Now we're going to share something you may not know about ReHouse Architectural Salvage...their amazing generosity.

For quite some time ReHouse Architectural Salvage has consistantly donated a portion of their sales to The Salmon Children's Foundation. That is amazing generosity! The Salmon Children's Foundation is a 501c (3) Non Profit Public Charity whose objective is to ease the burden and directly influence the lives of families with kids who have been affected by a dreadful illness or accident.

The Salmon Children's Foundation is incredibly fortunate to have people like ReHouse Architectural Salvage supporting their cause. Thank You ReHouse!!!

ReHouse Architectural Salvage

The Salmon Children's Foundation