3 Reasons to buy your next vehicle from Genesee Valley Motors.

1.You will save money with their "No-Nonsense" deals!
"It's sort of like "no frills" pricing. Genesee Valley Motors pricing is simple and able to be communicated by the salespeople. Our salespeople do not go "running back and forth to the manager" like they do at other dealerships. We don't have a "Finance Manager" to sell you things like electronic rustproofing or paint sealant or who will pressure you to take one finance source over another." 


2.You will save time and hassles with their professional salespeople!
"Our salespeople are all "factory certified" and not on commission. At a typical car dealer the more you pay, the more the salesman gets paid. Our salespeople do not get paid on the profit on the car, so they have no motive or desire to pressure you to pay more. They are professional, educated and actually listen when you talk." 

3.You will have the comfort that comes from having great service!
"Our Service departments are OPEN 7:00 am to 8:00 PM, SIX days a week, even Saturday! We spend tens of thousands of dollars training our technicians to factory standards. Our shops are modern and have the best tools. We are there when you need us." 

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