Many people notice water coming in on the floor where the basement wall and floor meet.  The very knowledgeable folks at Waters Basement Services say this is because your drain tile has become clogged and can no longer accept water.   So what do you do?

We suggest you visit Waters Basement Services and read a very informative article they've written about the subject.  In fact, they offer a generous number of informational articles on their website. 

Waters Basement Services has a long list of Services they provide:

Wall Crack Repair
Trench Drain
Reinforcer (Bowed/Cracked Walls)
Basement Painting
Waterproof Basement Wall Panels
Crawlspace Encapsulation
Stone Foundation and Structural Repair
Drain Tile/French Drain Installation
Window Wells & Topsoil
Sump Pump Installation
Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot
Bilco Doors/Gordon Doors
Basement Debris Removal
Rim Joist Spray Insulation
Egress Windows
Basement Finishing

Buffalo (716) 474-3898
Rochester (585) 765-3369