Stone foundation problems are identified when gaps in the joints, crumbly mortar, bulging, bowing, shifting or settlement are present.  Proper drainage around the inside of the perimeter of the basement is important to avoid foundation problems.  

Waters Basement Services has seen the damage caused by improper drainage around stone foundations.  They know exactly what to do to prevent it and as we all know prevention much easier and less costly than fixing it later.  Prevention is the key and Waters Basement Services tells us that the ground and decks or patios adjacent to the foundation should have a positive slope away from the foundation.  They tell us that roof water should be collected in a well maintained gutter system with downspouts discharging away from the foundation.  They also tell us that the sump pump discharge lines should be extended away from the foundation as well.  If this is not the case at your home we highly suggest you call Waters Basement Services.  They can install gutter and sump discharge lines into a Lawn Scape Bubbler Pot that allows water to flow underground.

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