Waters Basement Services has been one of JimSalmon.com's highly recommended contractors for quite some time.  And for good reasons. Besides the fact that they are a highly experienced and reputable company Waters Basement Services goes above and beyond.  Visit their website and you'll see what we mean!  Here is just one of the many informative sections from their website...and a very important one at that!


1.   Basement waterproofing can reduce or eliminate moisture that causes mold and mildew which can have adverse effects on health.

2.    Basement waterproofing will increase usable square footage, protect your home investment, and keep your basement dry.

3.    Waterproofing your basement can relieve the hydrostatic pressure that can cause foundation cracking and bowing.

4.    Waterproofing your basement keeps it dry-not for a few years, but a lifetime.

5.    Basement waterproofing can increase the value of your home by square foot pricing.

6.    Adding a Bilco Door or Egress Window adds code-compliant living space and provides an accessible escape route in case of an emergency.

7.    Basement waterproofing gives you peace of mind knowing that maintaining your sump pump, cleaning your drain tile and installing a dehumidification system will keep your basement dry.

8.    Waterproofing your basement eliminates or reduces musty air odors with the essential use of a dehumidification system.

9.    Basement waterproofing enables you to transform the space in your basement into the nice, comfortable, dry, healthy living space you’ve always wanted!  Your basement can be as warm and comfortable as any room in your home.

10.  Waters Basement Services, Inc. provides transferable warranties on several basement waterproofing options.