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JAG Construction Saves the day, money!!!!!

This bathroom project initially was a disaster! I mean, old, old, old. No insulation whatsoever!

The exterior walls were a joke, let alone the dirt, actual 'ground' under the sagging flooring. You could easily hear conversation outside while you were in the bathroom, can you imagine how the wind and weather could get in! Especially in the basement, along with a critter or two!

Our heroes at JAG Construction came in and did their thing, they spray foamed the band joist in the basement and the walls and ceiling in the bathroom. 

This is so cool to see! We wanted to share it with you and show you how easy it is for JAG to do. The rewards from the closed cell spray foam will be seen in the heating bill for starters! Plus it's a definite that the wind and weather won't be coming in anymore, and it's now sound proofed from listening to outdoor conversations while brushing your teeth!

This is a fascinating procedure, and it didn't take them very long at all to do, only a matter of hours!

You can have JAG Construction do this to your home. The spray foam cuts down on your heating bill AND your cooling! Just as it works to keep your home warm in the winter, it keeps your home cooler in the HOT summer days!

Foam! It's the way to go!!! 

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Ceiling & Floor


FOAMING THE BAND JOISTS, (notice the dirt floor)

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