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Rochester Bath Remodeling

Rochester Bath Remodeling is certainly putting it's name to work! This bathroom surely needs creativity!

This has been a complete overhaul, down to studs or in this case, planks! Besides this being a really old bathroom, it is completely uneven. The floor sags and is spongy, the toilet is held up only by a piece of plywood stuck under it,, the walls don't align, the tub is shot, the shower surround is disgusting, it's pulling away from itself! It doesn't even like itself anymore!

A new doorway was to go in a particular spot but guess what? Pipes and wires were in that area once the walls were taken down. So the door has to be moved! First redesign in place!! Not to worry,, they worked it out.

What a challenge! But Rochester Bath is up for it! (They may think differently as time goes by and more problems arise) but they are great guys! They can see the vision. 

Can't wait to see the end result! (Click on any image to enlarge)
Check out how bad this bathroom was when Rochester Bath Remodeling got there:

























JAG Construction Saves the day, money!!!!!

This bathroom project initially was a disaster! I mean, old, old, old. No insulation whatsoever!

The exterior walls were a joke, let alone the dirt, actual 'ground' under the sagging flooring. You could easily hear conversation outside while you were in the bathroom, can you imagine how the wind and weather could get in! Especially in the basement, along with a critter or two!

Our heroes at JAG Construction came in and did their thing, they spray foamed the band joist in the basement and the walls and ceiling in the bathroom. 

This is so cool to see! We wanted to share it with you and show you how easy it is for JAG to do. The rewards from the closed cell spray foam will be seen in the heating bill for starters! Plus it's a definite that the wind and weather won't be coming in anymore, and it's now sound proofed from listening to outdoor conversations while brushing your teeth!

This is a fascinating procedure, and it didn't take them very long at all to do, only a matter of hours!

You can have JAG Construction do this to your home. The spray foam cuts down on your heating bill AND your cooling! Just as it works to keep your home warm in the winter, it keeps your home cooler in the HOT summer days!

Foam! It's the way to go!!! 

You can click on any picture to enlarge:

Ceiling & Floor


FOAMING THE BAND JOISTS, (notice the dirt floor)

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And of course, old wiring needed to be upgraded or replaced, so who else but the best to handle that job! Steve Nichols came over rewired everything and was gone!
Steve doesn't waste a second, he comes in evaluates what needs to be changed or upgraded, gets right on it and is out the door! 

Quality work done right and quickly! Without getting electrical shocks!! 

He can do the same for you, just give Steve a call at:


Now we're on to the drywall, floor base, plumbing, starting to come together!!!!


The Floor is installed & so is the beautiful shower surround!!!

Drywall mudding! DONE!

Time for paint! 



THE Final Pictures! IT's DONE! And it's BEAUTIFUL!

click on pics to enlarge

entrance to new laundry room
Space saving pocket door!
Isn't it beautiful?
Thank You to the entire crew at Rochester Bath Remodeling!


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