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The Mia Foundation

The Mia Foundation takes in dozens of animals born with deformities with the goal of giving them a chance at a life. 

Recommended Books by Jim: 

  1. Maggie's Turn
    Pam Covert's second best seller book 2 of series, the first was "And so this is Christmas'.


  2. And So This Is Christmas
    Our very own secretary, Pam Covert, wrote this book! Yes! For Real!


  3. Humblings of an Everyday Man
    Reinhardt Brucker has distilled the observation and reflections of an eventful and varied life to create a personal, humanistic philosophy. The author's message is simple but not simplistic, and his writing has a direct and trenchant message that is appropriate for today's busy person - busy, but still needing to find that small, essential moment to reflect on truths that are always with us. Reinhardt Brucker speaks with an individual and perceptive tone that will give something to all readers, if only to make them stop and think. Why, I knew that all along.


  4. One More Mission: Oliver North Returns to Vietnam
    North's Under Fire (1991) has sold more than 650,000 copies, reason enough to purchase this account of his tour of duty--as a marine second lieutenant--in 1968 and of his return to Vietnam, at the urging of Zondervan, in the spring of 1993. The combat scenes are gripping, due no doubt to coauthor Roth, whose worshipful Sacred Honor: The Biography of Colin Powell has just been published. Even so, North lingers on the war too long, at least with respect to the announced purpose of his book. The "mission" is one of peace--to carry out the biblical injunction to help one's enemies. North strikes a winning tone in this regard, offering portraits of the Christian aid groups, International Aid and Vets with a Mission. But his account of today's Vietnam, while not breezy, is hardly intimate, and the notion of North as an old vet with a need to come to terms with his memories seems more convenient than heartfelt. North isn't insincere; it's just that he doesn't seem to have any ghosts to deal with. His faith, his marriage, his prosperity, and his status as a hero have anchored him. North is best on the sad state of medical facilities in Vietnam, personalizing the story with the testimony of desperate physicians and with accounts of hydroencephalic children--who until recently couldn't be treated in Vietnam. Otherwise, it's clear North wasn't in-country very long. John Mort


  5. Under Fire: An American Story
    Written in secret as if it were a covert operation, then suddenly released, this is unquestionably the "event" book of the year. Here, finally, we might expect to get answers to our questions about what became known as "Iran-contra." Was Marine Lieutenant Colonel North a "loose cannon" on the National Security Council, making U.S. foreign policy on his own? And just what did President Reagan really know about Iran-contra? North writes that Reagan "knew everything" about Iran-contra's covert operations. So too did Vice President Bush. Unfortunately, there is no specific document in the book proving that. What there is, however, is a preponderance of material that leads to an inevitable conclusion: North was a hard-working, well-trained, loyal Marine incapable of undertaking a covert operation without approval by his superiors. For the first time, we hear of and read a document sent to Reagan by North's lawyers, setting forth a sound legal argument for a presidential pardon for North. The letter, we learn, was never acknowledged. There are a number of such chilling moments in this important book. Recommended for most libraries.


  6. War Stories: Operation Iraqi Freedom (With DVD)
    North is a retired Marine infantry veteran of Vietnam and was a key player in the Iran-Contra affair. This book is a mostly workmanlike presentation of his experiences as a war correspondent for FOX (which shares copyright on this book) as the U.S. invaded Iraq. Any political uproar it may cause is likely to stem largely from Pavlovian responses to the name of the author, a response that ignores that he has written both fiction and nonfiction as well as having been a Marine officer. So it is hardly surprising that he does excellent work covering a Marine aviation unit, one appointed to transport assault troops and evacuate wounded in aging helicopters-never without risk and sometimes with bloody incidents. These are vividly and knowledgeably described, as is the Marines' courage and professionalism. Nor is it surprising to witness the empathy between a retired Marine about to become a grandfather and younger Marines about to see combat. The briefer coverage of the armored units of the 4th Infantry Division is a little frustrating, and the polemics against antiwar journalists and politicians, while unlikely to offend readers who share the author's views, feel redundant. So does the capsule history of Iraq in the appendix, although well-written enough to give the author credibility as a popular historian. Even the larger issue of the linkage between a correspondent, a network and a publisher who are all politically simpatico can hardly be made into anything especially sinister without the same kind of political partisanship that the book exhibits in its less inspiring moments. DVD of Fox News North special not seen by PW.


  7. A Greater Freedom: Stories of Faith from Operation Iraqi Freedom
    As an embedded Fox News correspondent during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Oliver North witnessed first hand the courage and spirit of the men and women of America’s armed forces. North crafts an intensely personal foreword in A Greater Freedom: Stories of Faith from Operation Iraqi Freedom, a moving tribute to those who put their lives on the line for one another, as well as the Iraqi people. Told by Sara Horn, whose reporting took her aboard the USS Harry S. Truman during the height of the conflict, the stories offer a rare glimpse into the spiritual side of the battlefield.


  8. Mission Compromised: A Novel
    .S. Marine Major Peter Newman, a highly decorated war hero, was content doing his job--leading troops into harm's way. He was good at it. But the White House had other plans for him. When Newman is hand picked for a dangerous clandestine operation as the head of the White House’s Special Projects Office, his orders are clear--hunt down and eliminate terrorists before they attack the United States with weapons of mass destruction.

    From the corridors of power in Washington to the heart of the Middle East, Newman finds himself on an assignment so sensitive that it is known only to a handful of officials as he becomes entangled in a nightmarish web of intrigue, revenge and betrayal.

    When the mission is compromised, Major Newman embarks on a personal odyssey that threatens his life, morality, marriage and his loyalty to corps and country.


  9. The Jericho Sanction: A Novel
    Oliver North follows his best-selling novel Mission Compromised with a suspenseful, action-packed sequel set in Israel and Iraq. Lt. Col. Peter Newman (USMC) and his family are threatened when his cover is blown. While preparing for a clandestine U.S. mission to find Iraqi nuclear weapons, Newman’s wife Rachel is kidnapped in Jerusalem—along with her friend, the wife of an Israeli Sayeret counter-terrorism operative responsible for Israeli terrorist assassinations. Newman has to choose whether to go ahead with the mission or abandon it to find and rescue his wife. But Israel has discovered that Iraq has nukes and plans a preemptive attack on Baghdad with Jericho missiles. If that happens, and Islamic terrorists like Saddam and bin Laden respond in kind, it might trigger a Middle East war that could go global. It seems as if nothing can prevent an Armageddon.


  10. Real Estate Appraising From A to Z
    Do you really know the true market value of your home? This fourth edition "A to Z Appraiser" book will assist you with the biggest investment of your life - your own home! This was originally designed to train top-notch, professional appraisers and is now available at a price affordable to everyone. All homes need to be inspected and appraised for safety hazards and routine maintenance.


  11. The Home Inspection Business From A to Z
    Do you really know the true condition of your home? This fourth edition "A to Z Home Inspector" book will assist you with the biggest investment of your life - your own home! This was originally designed to train top-notch, professional home inspectors and is now available at a price affordable to everyone. All homes need to be inspected and appraised for safety hazards and routine maintenance.


  12. Tuesdays With Morrey
    A great book !


  13. The hot Zone
    This is one of the scariest books I have ever read. The Ebola Virus is a very quick death. You cannot put this book down !


  14. Jumping Fire
    This is one of my most favorite books. A very interesting story of A profession most people have never heard of. Jumping out of an airplane into a forest fire.


  15. Dead Man's Walk
    Possibly the best western ever made was Lonesome Dove - This continues the story.


  16. All The Best
    George H. W. Bush is a very misunderstood person. This is a collection of his letters and papers. I was amazed by his life.


  17. My Americain Journey
    What a story ! General Powell is an unbelievable roll model.


  18. A Reporter's Life
    I grew up with Walter Cronkite on my TV every night for almost twenty years. This is a great insite into the life of America's greatest anchor man. To this day I do not watch CBS because of the way they treated him after he retired. What a waste of talent.


  19. The Rescue Season
    This is the story of people you want coming to your rescue in the event you are trapped on Mt. Denali in the Alaskan wilderness.


  20. Faith Of My Fathers
    This book is a Powerful story of a war hero. You will learn Much about life as a Prisoner and also as a man in power. A great book if you like powerful stories. John McCain is a man to watch in the future.


  21. A Walk In The Woods
    This is a great book if you are ever out in the woods alone ! This one not able to be put down once you start !


  22. The Complete Idiot's Guide To Trouble-Free Home Repair
    A real fun book to read. Able to be used as a guide as you proceed with home repair projects. Click here to go directly to and buy this book !


  23. The Basement Book
    Every person in the United States that lives in a house with a basement should read this book.


  24. 1001 Do-It- Yourself Hints and Tips
    A must for the serious do-it-yourselfer


Home Repair Videos: 

  1. Tin Men
    This is one of the best views into the world of professional salespeople. If you don't think it's true ask any vinyl siding salesman.


  2. The Money Pit
    Don't let this happen to you! Get a Home Inspection before you buy. This is a very funny movie.