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John Welch's Top Ten Reasons To Hire John Welch Enterprise
10.  Minimizing Headaches
With all of the commotion that comes along with construction, it can get frustrating trying to juggle your project with all of the other things in your life. Remodeling or building should be a joy, not an inconvenience. If you’re always trying to squeeze in time to work on your house, it’s going to be a burden more than a reward for you.
9.  Respect for Your Property
A big complaint with homeowners is when workers make a mess and then leave the mess once the work is done. Some track in dirt, leave lunch wrappers lying around, drop nails, leave sawdust and any number of other annoyances. Some of those annoyances can also be hazards. A professional contractor respects your home, and he never leaves a mess for you to clean up.
8.   Safety That Protects You and Your Home
Safety is a top concern among all professional contractors. It means that a job is done right, and it also helps prevent injuries and property damage. A contractor knows the local and international code, and will obtain the right permits for the job. That means you can count on the work to be code compliant. He understands OSHA regulations, so he and his crew will maintain a safe work environment that doesn’t damage your home.
7.  Liability
Does your homeowner’s insurance cover the damage if something goes wrong while you’re working on your home? A quality contractor will carry the proper insurance, including general liability and worker’s compensation. This will take the risk off of you and protect you in case something bad occurs.
6.  Eye for Design
When you are engulfed in the world of construction and working on houses, you develop an eye for what looks right. Having an architect or designer on your team dramatically increases the chances of your project looking great for years to come. Ever see ideas on Pinterest or Houzz that you love but don’t quite work in your exact situation? Hiring a contractor that is knowledgeable on how things go together can help you bring your ideas to life. They can combine all of those magazine clippings into one cohesive look that looks as though it was meant to be.
5.   Knowledge of Products & Materials
The products and materials in residential construction are constantly changing and developing. New improvements are released every day. From building science and the home’s envelopes to smart home technology and appliances, the industry is progressing fast. Staying current on what is out there can mean the difference between a project that is “blah”, or the one that’s the envy of the neighborhood. Our advice for if you do decide to work with a contractor is discuss with them all the options they have available for your situation. You can always say “no” but it’s nice to know that new products and materials are out there.
4.   Tools for the Job
A typical project requires dozens of tools that are used daily. From common hand tools, to task-specific power tools, knowing what the right tool for the job can take some research. A quality contractor is constantly investing in their tools to better perform the task at hand. Having all the tools needed for a certain job comes at an expense, not to mention all of the consumables. These include things like saw blades and sandpaper, that are used up frequently.
3.   Cost
People will often choose to DIY something to try and save money, and that is perfectly understandable. Hiring a reputable contractor is not cheap, but in the long run it often pays off. Sometimes a task may look approachable and a “piece of cake” but as you dig into it, you realize it’s the opposite. Before you know it, you’ve opened up a can of worms and caused more damage than what was there before. At this point, a contractor’s price will be even more than what they would have originally quoted. Not to mention the time and materials you already sunk into the project.
2.  Experience
Perfecting our craft on a daily basis allows us to continually improve the quality of work we can produce. Having a contractor that specializes in a certain area can prevent the mistakes that will be eye-sores and ruin the overall look.
1.  Time
Do you ever feel like the days just fly by? You sometimes struggle to find the time to do the things you love or spend time with those you love? Years can go by between the time you have an idea for a project, to the time you actually have time to do the project yourself. The only thing standing in between enjoying that new space, is actually getting that new space completed. Time is something you never get back. Hiring a contractor for your next project gives you more time back to do the things you really love.

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