A.C.E.S. (Alternative Carbon Energy Systems) is a company located at 7288 Rush Lima Road in Honeoye Falls that engineers and installs renewable energy products.  The two words that should pop into your mind after reading 'renewable energy' are: Geothermal and Solar.  

Let's see what A.C.E.S. has to say about Geothermal and Solar...

Geothermal -Geo what? "Geothermal systems are very simple. No matter the climate or where you are in the world, the ground temperature a few feet below the surface essentially remains a constant throughout the year. During the colder months heat is extracted from the earth loop in the ground and then distributed by a standard duct or radiant floor system. During the warmer months this process is reversed. Heat is extracted from the air in your home and is transferred to the ground or your hot water heater and replaced by cooler air."

Solar - Solar?  In Upstate New York??? - "Although Upstate New York receives a reputation of getting little sunlight throughout the year, we still receive extreme levels of solar energy that can be harvested and used in efficient ways. Solar arrays designed and installed correctly in Upstate New York operate just as efficiently as any other geographic location in the world."

You could visit www.aces-energy.com and read what we just shared with you but there is so much other fantastic information on their website to browse that we thought it was okay to share those two bits of information.  Plus, now you know what two words should pop into your head when you hear the words renewable energy.   Scratch that...THREE things should pop into your head when you hear 'renewable energy':

Geothermal.  Solar.  A.C.E.S.

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