It has been a trying time for everyone but when the businesses we depend on offer candid answers to our questions it can truly ease our worries.  If you haven't had a chance to visit the website of Advantage Federal Credit Union we highly encourage you to click on the banner above to do so.  If you are currently a customer or if you are currently planning to obtain a home equity loan to use for home improvements, or any other banking needs, we know you will be assured by the following message...

A Message from the CEO

I hope you are all staying safe during the most challenging time in my career. The Coronavirus has caused the world to be turned upside down and we have all tried to find the best way to deal with all of the difficulty that comes with this level of disruption.

We have taken every step possible to keep our staff and our members safe. We have staff members filling in to help take your phone calls and online chats. We have branch staff who are working extended hours in branches to provide drive-through service. We must all remember that we are all facing this challenge together. We all have families and friends who we are worried about for many reasons. Stress levels are high and we don’t really know when this will end.

Overall, this has brought out the good in most people, but unfortunately, our staff has also experienced some frustration from our members.
With that being said, please understand that our staff is doing everything they can for you. With very short notice, they have been thrown into our new work environment. PLEASE treat our staff with the same level of respect and patience they are extending to you.

I appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.

Thank You!

Jeff Bocach
CEO/President of Advantage Federal Credit Union

1975 Buffalo Road Rochester, NY 14624
Telephone: 585-454-5900