Need to sell Real Estate? Interested in saving money? Want to try a new way to sell your house? Try a traditional sale with a twist! Ruth Rowe Campbell sells real estate by auction! She can set it all up with you so you will know exactly the day it goes "live" and when the auction for your house will end. Done! No second guessing how long you'll have to wait for it to sell. She eliminates thousands of dollars that you'd have to pay, simply by selling on auction. The buyer gets to do that! You've heard of Diggin' For Deals, now you've heard of Rowe Realty Auctions & Appraisal!  

Of course, if the seller doesn't want to save thousands or bear all the closing costs, they will sell the traditional way!

Call Ruth Rowe Campbell at 585-388-1060 or 315-986-9600 and get started on selling your house! Then get ready to move!

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