Siding doesn’t last forever. Wouldn't it be nice if it did?  But just like other components of your home; the roof, the windows, etc., the reality is, siding just doesn't last forever.  Eventually your siding will begin to show signs of wear and tear from aging.  Good maintenance can extend the life of your siding but even the best maintenance plan can't give it eternal life.  When the time comes, don't delay the process of replacing siding.  If you delay replacing your aged siding you could also be causing your home's insulation to be less effective, your HVAC system will work harder, you will spend more for your utility bills. 

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Vinyl siding is nearly maintenance free, comes in a variety of colors and styles to allow you to truly customize the look of your home.  At Vekton Corporation siding styles include Clapboard, Vinyl Shingles, and Dutch Lap.  
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