It seems we tend to put things off, especially going to the dentist. Then suddenly, your tooth hurts like no tomorrow! Now that's all you can think about is that pain. That happens frequently when people don't go to the dentist regularly. Every 6 months is a good plan for a cleaning, because the hygentist and dentist take a good look at the condition of your teeth. At the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry they have seen it all and can fix it! They will also consult with you if there's more "work" to be done on your teeth. Sometimes it's as simple as thorough brushing & flossing, other times a root canal-believe me, it won't hurt! Maybe you've neglected your teeth so now you may need bridges, implants, etc. The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry are experts with those procedures. 

So set up an initial consultation & cleaning, you will be pleasantly surprised at the professional, friendly, and state-of-the-art dental office. The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is centrally located easy to get to at 34 Buckman Road, Rochester, N.Y. 14615.

585-227-4390. Go ahead call them!

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