Feed a Cat for Christmas!

Most of us feel moved to donate to our favorite causes, especially this time of year.  We would like to introduce you to a wonderful cause we hold near and dear and hope you will consider donating to this amazing cause as well.  Janine the Bean Rescue.  

"I start my day at 3:30am every day, 365 days a year, feeding 100+ cats at over 19+ locations in the Beechwood section of the City of Rochester. In addition to this I hold down a full time job. I spend over $250 a week in food and every week in the Spring and Summer months I trap 2 cats to get them neutered/spayed and vaccinated at a cost of another $160. I have done this on my own dime to the tune of $12,000 a year."


This December, for $40, you can partner with her and Feed a Cat for Christmas. Sponsor food for these kitties for just one day–as a gift, just because, or in honor or memory of a special person or pet.  In return, you’ll receive a certificate and our eternal gratitude! 

CLICK HERE to donate and feed a cat for Christmas!

Janine the Bean Rescue