Are you looking for a reliable propane or oil delivery solution? Look no further than Griffith Energy. Providing customers with exceptional service is what prides them above the rest. 

Griffith Energy is under the nations leading provider of propane and oil fuel to the Eastern and Mid-Atlantic region: Superior Plus Energy Services. Their primary goal is to maintain a lasting relationship through outstanding customer service. They provide competitive pricing with payment options that best suit your needs. You can pay by mail, phone or online.
Serving both residential and commercial customers since 1922, they understand that "options" are an important part of customer loyalty. By choosing Griffith Energy, you will be able to choose from an easy budget plan, price protection plan or even energy assistance. Wether you are a long time customer or need a "one time" fill up, they have you covered.


Griffith Energy has the experience and professionalism that you deserve. Contact them today to take advantage of the valuable services. New, existing or "one time" clients are guaranteed to receive superior service any time of the day or night! 

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