We have had a lot of rain. Seems like almost every day we get some, light or downpours yet still way more than we'd like. With that rain comes moisture into our homes, too much moisture causes so many problems. You need a dehumidifier and one that'll actually work! Indoor Air Professionals has the Aprilaire high-capacity dehumidifier that'll give you 'long term moisture protection'.  This is a high grade commercial unit that'll last a long time compared to those cheap ones that quit working you have sitting in your basement. The Aprilaire has a 5 year warrantee, is low maintenance and made in the USA!  Again, better than those cheap foreign-made ones.

Contact Indoor Air Professionals, ask them what deal they have, especially for Home Repair Clinic listeners!

Also, order some Kanberra Gel - you will be impressed with how well it eliminates odors.  Quick story, we had a mouse die under our porch, the smell was wicked, we set out a canister of Kanberra Gel the stink was gone! For real! Kanberra Gel isn't a flowery or sickening smell, it's a fresh, clean scent. 

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