Bro's top 10 lessons learned installing a composite shake roof:

1) Hire an experienced general contractor and approve the roofing subs.

 2) If on the first day the crew is smoking weed on the Ridgeline, maybe consider cutting that team loose.

 3) If all your detailed concerns are responded to by the general but not seeing them by the sub you might consider cutting them loose.

 4) If you are seeing an uneven horizontal line due to roof deck or truss settling insist on mitigation before install.  All imperfections under will show once installed.

 5) When your General asks if you want open or closed valleys make sure he has a plan for the U valley to prevent seeing the open cut end of the composite tile.

 6) Make sure your General is on site daily.

 7) Make a list daily of your concerns and share with the general.

 8) Consider power venting with a smart fan system

 9) If you find small corners cut all along the way, consider hiring an inspector to verify the install was properly done.

10) Absolutely consider snow mitigation from the beginning or large and potentially dangerous snow fields may exist at every pitch.